Carvertise shaking up mobile advertising

WILMINGTON, Del. – Wilmington-based startup, Carvertise, could be the next Delaware success story with its new take on mobile advertising: paying regular people to advertise on their personal cars.

The company pays a flat rate of $100 to drivers willing to place advertising on their cars, and business has been booming. With a client list that includes Wilmington University, ShopRite as well as several state agencies, the early success has allowed the company to grow to six full-time employees and move into a new 1,110 square foot office space in the Hercules Building at 1313 N. Market St.

But Carvertise is much more than a mobile billboard. By using GPS technology, the company is able to track the geographical data and cross-reference it with available traffic reports. Thus, Carvertise is able to calculate a real-time traffic count for each vehicle and the ad campaign as a whole.

Photo courtesy of Carvertise

Source: Delaware Online


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