Delaware’s real estate market booming

DELAWARE –  Delaware’s residential real estate market is booming compared to recent years. All three counties realized gains in the first half of the year, with improvements in sales volume as well as average number of days on the market.

The strongest gains belonged to Kent County, which saw a 25.1 percent increase in number of homes sold this year compared to the same period last year. Statewide, the median sales price was up 5.6 percent. For example, an average three-bedroom, two-bath home in Sussex County is selling for a median price of $360,780, with the surge aided by the condominium and town home market.

Overall, more than $511 million worth of real estate was sold in first six months of 2015 statewide in the single family market, with more than $143 million in condo/townhome sales.

Source: Delaware Business Daily


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